The Sciencey Adventures of ShortCircuit

don’t let me catch you doin any work

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who wants to play cards against humanity with me? 

join  the room thing here!!!  the  password is dhmis :o


come play with us if you’re cool

My computer died


and along with it, all of the backgrounds I spent all that time on. They’re gone forever


I don’t know what to do now. though I’d be a great help if somebody would commission me

for the record when I said my computer died I didn’t mean the battery or anything like that. I mean it died, it is dead, it’s gone for good. it is no more for this world. RIP.

I can’t really make any updates on the compute I’ve been using, so don’t expect much from me for probably a few months. in fact, if I did get some commissions I wouldn’t be able to anything about it unless I did it on paper instead. 

I don’t know how long it’ll be until the story can continue, which is a shame because I was about to introduce my favorite character I’ve made so far.

Sometimes I think about what I’d be like if I had the talent or resources to make a short circuit video game

It’d either be a point and click adventure game or a Mario and Luigi style turn-based rpg.

why do I taunt myself with things that will never be?

Adventure #2: build some shit

part 8

the plot thickens



a unique approach at things :)



a unique approach at things :)

Adventure #2 Build some shit

Part 7 decisions decisions    

Adventure #2 Build some shit

part 6 looks like the mail’s here.

I sure do love that new show on cartoon network

ya know the comedy show with all the bright colors? the one that has the same name as the main character? the main character who’s fat, really silly, kind of dim witted and has tons of friends?


Adventure #2: Build some shit

Part 5

Great minds think alike, also people rip each other off. next time, breakfast.

Adventure #2 build some shit

part 4

… I got nothin’

Adventure #2 Build some shit

Part 3

I don’t know about you but I think it’s about time for some audience participation

Adventure #2: build some shit

part 2

you can now command both of these technology loving chowder heads. what are they gonna do now? get strait to work? eat breakfast maybe? dress in drag and do the hula? something that isn’t stupid? that’s up to you.