Updates have been slow because I’ve been making a ton of backgrounds I need

Once they’re done pace is gonna pick back up a bit

Adventure #2: Build some shit

Part 5

Great minds think alike, also people rip each other off. next time, breakfast.

Adventure #2 build some shit

part 4

… I got nothin’

Adventure #2 Build some shit

Part 3

I don’t know about you but I think it’s about time for some audience participation

Adventure #2: build some shit

part 2

you can now command both of these technology loving chowder heads. what are they gonna do now? get strait to work? eat breakfast maybe? dress in drag and do the hula? something that isn’t stupid? that’s up to you.

Adventure# 2 build some shit

Part 1

say what?

Adventure# 2 begins tomorrow. it’s about dimensions and stuff. whatever, bed time

Adventure# 2 begins tomorrow. it’s about dimensions and stuff. whatever, bed time

Adventure #1 do something

part 16: end adventure #1

well he didn’t get what he wanted, he did however assault a random citizen, unloaded his entire inventory by throwing it at his arch nemesis, met a strange boy with a jet pack, nearly faded out of existence, and frenched his evil duplicate. I donno about you, but I’m satisfied. 

Adventure #1 Do something

part 15

No homo

Adventure #1 Do something

Part 15

Things heat up for ol’ Circuit

Adventure #1 do something

part 14

Adventure# 1 do something

part 13

who is this mysterious young lad? the suspense is excruciating! well you would already know if you ever read the old series but still… 

Adventure #1 do something

part 12

If only the voices in his head had some helpful suggestions on what to do now….

Has hell frozen over? could I have actually MADE a new video? 

now that I’ve got things kick off I’m gonna try and do 1 a month now. I think next time I’ll do ask-rusty cause I’ve got a few things to say about that one.


YouTube series? well that’s a bit out of nowhere isn’t it. finished on a short notice so I apologize for sucking so hard, with any luck the next one will suck slightly less.